Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Don’t waste your most valuable asset, your data.

Business Intelligence

"Business Information" tends to become the most valuable asset of businesses, especially in markets that change constantly and rapidly. In order to stay competitive, modern businesses now set their data to work for them.

What is Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a system for converting business data, regardless of volume and source, into useful and readily available information to support decision making.

Timely, user-friendly information provided by Business Intelligence systems enable reliable measurement of business performance in all areas of its operational and strategic growth, customer and market analysis and understanding, forecasting and strategic advice, and eventually making better decisions.

Traditional information systems are at the heart of most businesses, but in many cases the data they create end up being "trapped" into the system, meaning that they are not turning into useful information for the business itself. Business intelligence and business analytics are playing an increasingly important role because they bridge the gap.

What We Do

MDC Stiakakis’ partners, with an innovative vision and a strategic information management perspective, can help your company regardless of its size or industry, exploit its data without incurring the high cost of implementing new customized IT systems.

How We Differ

The advisory background of our partners in fields like strategic planning and finance, will help your business not only designing and implementing a Business Intelligence System but also how to use the new information to improve its performance.

Indicative fields where Business Intelligence adds value:

  • Monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Identification and evaluation of weak points and risks
  • Prediction of problematic situations
  • Recognizing trends & opportunities
  • Understanding customers & the market
  • Measuring & increasing productivity
  • Finding optimal combinations at different levels
  • Profitability analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Combining quantitative and qualitative data
  • Benchmarking
  • Efficiency assessment of new products, services & processes
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