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There is such an abundance of data in the market today that leveraging it is now a strategic decision. Our company's goal is not just to collect data, but to provide a range of comprehensive business intelligence (BI) solutions that will help your business evolve and align with the latest developments.

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The increasing velocity of data creation and their variety withing companies of all sizes, combined with the lack of a data strategy, result to "trapped" within systems data, ie not combined and therefore not convertible into actual insights.

With expertise at strategic information management, we help you implement a Business Intelligence (BI) system that can bridge this gap and turn your business data into valuable information. Thus, your business goes one step further than simply using historical data, by adopting modern tools and analytical techniques to make better and faster decisions. The timely and user-friendly information provided by Business Intelligence tools allows the reliable measurement of the company's performance in all areas of its operational and strategic development, the analysis and understanding of the customers and the market, the ability to forecast and provide strategic advice and ultimately improving its result.

Timely and user-friendly information provided by Business Intelligence (BI) systems enable reliable measurement of business performance in all areas of its operational and strategic growth, customer and market analysis and understanding, forecasting and strategic advice, and eventually improving business performance.

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Why us

  • Consulting expertise. We help you design, implement and make the most of a BI system by providing not only technical knowledge, but also business consulting expertise.
  • We adapt to your needs. We adapt the system to the operations and goals of your business, without demanding time consuming and multi cost upgrades.
  • Flexibility is our advantage. A system that does not evolve will eventually fail. For this reason we continuously support you with modifications and additions to the automated reports.

Indicative fields where Business Intelligence adds value:

  • Monitoring of key performance indicators and Budget
  • Identification and evaluation of weak points and risks
  • Prediction of problematic situations
  • Recognizing trends & opportunities
  • Understanding customers & the market
  • Measuring & increasing productivity
  • Finding optimal combinations at different levels
  • Profitability analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Combining quantitative and qualitative data
  • Benchmarking
  • Efficiency assessment of new products, services & processes

Call us to tailor a Business Intelligence plan to your business scope and activities.

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