Corporate Transformations

A prerequisite for the prosperity of a business or a group is the creation of the appropriate structure that serves the strategic objectives.

At MDC Stiakakis, we have deep knowledge of the legal framework of corporate transformations, as well as a consulting background in the field of strategic planning. We can design and implement together a clear structure, which will serve your business activity with the lowest possible tax and administrative costs.

Our specialized executives undertake:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions. Implementation of business merger procedures. Advisory services and technical solutions for the acquisition/sale, analysis of the investment and its performance. Participation in the negotiation (buy & sell side).
  • Split-ups. Search and implementation of the optimal split-up solution using beneficial legal provisions for reduced tax costs.
  • Change of legal forms. Changing the legal form of a business can have both growth as well as tax incentives. We advise you on the benefits as well as the possible disadvantages of the change and we undertake the entire implementation process.
  • Valuations. An activity is valued either in the context of a corporate transformation where it is required by law, or when the management or ownership of a company wants to know its market price, its capabilities and its asset structure for decision-making. We undertake business valuation, using scientific methods.