The Company
The Company MDC Stiakakis

The Company

Over the past 20 years, MDC Stiakakis’ people solve the toughest problems on behalf of their clients by providing high quality consulting, tax and financial services. With consulting experience across more than 50 industries and numerous business functions, we support and guide the change required by the modern business environment. We process the new and constantly changing trends and demands of the market while constantly training our executives in new methods and innovations.

Our Clients

Our clients come from the private and public sector, and the majority of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. By addressing MDC Stiakakis, they are looking for a high-standard service package that incorporates many years of experience and knowledge of the market.

Our People

As our company's most important asset, we are continually working to enrich the knowledge and experience of our people and try to provide the tools and environment to maximize their potential. Our team consists of professionals who are specialist in their field and have the academic background, experience and talent to bring positive change.

Our History

MDC Stiakakis was established in 2014 as a business consulting company, with a vision to bring to small and medium-sized enterprises specialized consulting services of high added value, which are accessible only by large companies at a high cost.

Since its establishment, the company has helped a significant number of businesses, materializing its vision and constantly extending its service palette.

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