The new ESPA 2021-2027 was approved

The new ESPA 2021-2027 was approved

The European Commission approved, on Thursday 29 July 2021, the first among the member states of the European Union, the Corporate Pact of Greece for the new programming period 2021-2027, during a teleconference of the Prime Minister, Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis with the Cohesion Commissioner and EU Reform, Elisa Ferreira. The teleconference was attended by the Minister of Development and Investment, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, who presented the new program "ESPA 2021-2027", the responsible Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Mr. Giannis Tsakiris, the Secretary General of Public Investments and ESPA. Dimitris Skalkos, the Special Secretary for ERDF & CF Program Management, Mr. George Zervos and the Special Secretary for the European Social Fund, Mr. Niki Dandolou.

The new Regional Development Partnership Pact, first submitted and approved, will allocate a total of € 26.2 billion (of which € 20.9 billion is Community assistance and € 5.3 billion is national contribution) to the five European Policy Objectives :

  • The innovative and smart economic transformation.
  • The energy transition and green and blue investments.
  • Transport infrastructure, human resources and spatial investment.

In the current ESPA we have managed to increase our absorption to such an extent that we are now second in the European Union without calculating the resources of REACT E.U.

Greece to be the first country to receive approval from the European Commission for the new programming period 2021-2027, which will allow it to be the first country to absorb resources from the new ESPA within the current year.

The approval of the new Corporate Regional Development Pact 2021-2027 marks the beginning of the implementation of an ambitious plan for the regional development of the country based on the co-financed Cohesion Policy programs. The new ESPA sets ambitious goals for the productive transformation of the economy and the support of social cohesion and prioritizes in the areas of strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises, clean energy, the development of interconnected transport, ensuring equal access to high quality social services. At the same time, we are proceeding with the substantial support of the beneficiaries in order to ensure the efficient and timely implementation of the projects.

Read here what will be included in the new ESPA 2021-2027

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