Subsidized Programs

Are you planning to expand or modernize your business and its production process? Are you planning to develop new activities and looking for funding?

With accumulated experience in more than 50 industries and more than 1000 completed subsidized projects, we support the development of your business by providing comprehensive consulting services, from the search for a suitable program to the disbursement of the last euro.

Within the framework of Sponsored Programs, we offer the following services to both existing and new businesses related to National, Co-funded, and European Programs:

  • Information. Possessing a comprehensive knowledge of available and upcoming programs as well as their institutional framework, we provide complete information to ensure the optimal program selection, always based on your business objectives. Additionally, we offer free eligibility checks and pre-assessment.
  • Planning. The requirements of developmental programs are specific, and so should be your actions during the preparation phase. Before applying to any program, we guide you step-by-step in preparing your business to maximize the chances of success.
  • Submission. We handle the entire process of gathering required documentation, drafting business plans when needed, and submitting them to the relevant grant platforms.
  • Implementation & Monitoring. We monitor the implementation of the project, prepare for inspections and disbursements, communicate with services and agencies, up to the disbursement of the last euro.

We undertake applications under the following funding vehicles:

  1. ESPA 2021-2027
  2. Rural Development Program
  3. New Development Law 4887/2022
  4. Recovery & Resilience Fund
  5. Hellenic Development Bank
  7. DYPA
  8. European Programs

For new or under-establishment businesses wishing to participate in a subsidized program, beyond submission and implementation, we undertake:

  • The selection of the appropriate legal form.
  • Their establishment.
  • Providing information about the legislation that affects them.

Contact us and we will inform you when a subsidized program meets your business needs.

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