Subsidized Programs
Subsidized Programs MDC Stiakakis

Subsidized Programs

Are you planning to expand or modernize your business or/and its production process? Are you planning to develop new activities and looking for funding?

Our specialists have many years of accumulated experience in the field of grants and sunsidized programs and they can help you gain access to both Greek and European funding programs.

We can help you:

  • Find the possibilities offered by laws and the institutional framework to ensure funding and development through easier and economical processes.
  • Create and submit the grant study.
  • Implement the subsidized investment.

MDC Stiakakis undertakes to inform you, design, prepare the project, support and monitor the implementation for the programs of the following funding bodies:

1. ESPA 2014-2020
2. Rural Development Program 2014-2020
3. New Development Law 4399/16
4. National Entrepreneurship & Development Fund ETEAN
5. Horizon 2020

Learn here more about the open subsidized programs that you can apply for.

Regarding new businesses or ideas, besides the grant study, we undertake:

  • Choosing the appropriate legal form.
  • The establishment of the company.
  • To provide information about the legislation that affects them.

Please contact us and we will inform you when a subsidized program meets your business needs.

Read our Q&A.

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