Subsidized Programs

Are you planning to expand or modernize your business or/and its production process? Are you planning to develop new activities and looking for funding?

Our specialists have many years of accumulated experience in the field of grants and sunsidized programs and they can help you gain access to both Greek and European funding programs.

MDC Stiakakis undertakes planning, preparing, supporting and monitoring the implementation of programs in the following funding bodies:

1. ESPA 2021-2027
2. Rural Development Program
3. New Development Law 4887/2022
4. Recovery & Resilience Fund
5. Hellenic Development Bank
8. European Programs

Regarding new businesses or ideas, besides the grant study, we undertake:

  • Choosing the appropriate legal form.
  • The establishment of the company.
  • To provide information about the legislation that affects them.

Grant Search Service

The variety and peculiarities of the subsidized programs, which are constantly announced, require specialization and time for their proper monitoring by a company. This increases the chances of losing a financing opportunity that could be used for a new investment or modernization of an existing business.

MDC Stiakakis undertands this business need and provides a personalized grant search service for every available grant. Thus, every investor can be sure that she/he will make the most of the existing grants, and also that her/his business will be properly prepared to be accepted for future ones.

  • DocumentIng investor's goals.
  • Informing about all the available programs.
  • Free eligibility check for all open programs.
  • Consulting for alternative sources of funding.
  • Updating company data on a monthly basis.
  • Score pre-calculation according to the respective program.
  • Informational document in digital form.
  • Consulting on other issues related to funding.

Contact us and we will inform you when a subsidized program meets your business needs.

Learn here more about the open subsidized programs.

Read our Q&A.

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