Albantakis Group of Companies

Albantakis Group of Companies

Albantakis group of companies, starting from an oil mill in the village of Kalesa Maleviziou in Crete, continues to materialize its vision for the promotion of the Cretan olive oil worldwide with presence in more than 50 countries and numerous international distinctions, being the largest oil exporting company in.

Collaborating with MDC Stiakakis, and owning an oil mill, the company was looking for a reliable partner with expertise in the field of acquisitions to guide the implementation of the strategic plan of the management, which was aiming at the verticalization of the production and the distribution of olive oil and its derivatives, without the presence of intermediates.

The above goal was achieved through a process of acquisitions, conversions and new establishments of companies, adding to the ownership of the group 8 more companies in a period of 3 years.

In the framework of our cooperation, we implemented the:

  1. Valuation of the acquired companies and cost-benefit analysis.
  2. Fundraising through banking institutions and private funds.
  3. Negotiation of acquisitions.
  4. Procedures for incorporating the new companies in the group.
  5. Creation of the operational structure of the group.

With the completion of the strategic plan, the group managed to achieve:

  • An 800% turnover increase after the new acquisitions.
  • The complete verticalization of activities, from the production and crushing of olives to the production of kernel wood.
  • Improved financial results and efficiency by creating synergies and eliminating the costs of intermediaries
  • A recognizable brand.

"Our partnership with MDC Stiakakis and their know-how in the olive oil sector was vital our group's development efforts." Almpantakis Michalis-CEO Almpantakis Group of Companies.

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