Valuations, Mergers & Acquisitions

A perquisite for business growth planning, is measuring the current performance. MDC Stiakakis designs clear structures, by shaping your mergers & acquisitions strategy, in order to measure its performance and reduce the costs stemming from a complex business structure.

Our specialists undertake:

  • The valuation of your company, by using scientific methods, in order to inform the management about the company’s market position, its potential and its asset structure.
  • The advisory services and the proposal of technical solutions for business acquisition, the analysis of the investment and its future performance. Participation in the negotiation (buy & sell side)
  • The study and implementation of the valuation of a merger and its procedures. To change legal form of the company.
  • Searching for the best merger or acquisition solution from a financial point of view, by using beneficial legal provisions.
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