Out of Court Settlement (4469/2017)
Out of Court Settlement (4469/2017) MDC Stiakakis

Out of Court Settlement (4469/2017)

Would you like to settle your debts in a favorable to you way?

The optimal financial structure of a company requires the right management of its debt obligations. The ability to settle debts given through the Out of Court settlement is the first step in this direction and can form the basis for building a “healthy” business.

Learn here what is the Out of Court Settlement and who can apply.

If you are eligible to apply, our experienced partners can take care of your end to end application process to the Out of Court settlement in order for your business to rehabilitate and recover financially.

Our approach includes the following 5 phases:

Phase Description Explanations
1 Assessment of the legal and economic conditions for joining the settlement After receiving the initial data, the assessment of the conditions of eligibility, the assessment of the solutions and the selection of the most appropriate procedure are made. At the same time, initial contacts are being made to compromise with the key creditors (investigation)
2 Draft submission folder - Initial negotiation phase Receicing all required the data, formatting and processing, drafting of studies, negoting the initial stage agreement, evaluating the alternative scenarios, assuring of conditionality and data configuration.
3 Submission of the application at the online platform along with the supporting documents Folder preparation, collection of the supporting documents, registration in ΓΓΔΕ form
4 Follow-up to negotiation process and participation in negotiations with mediator and creditors Following-up mediator suggestions, contacting the creditors, evaluating counterproposal, improving the overall solution, finding alternatives
5 Completion of procedure - protocol of agreement - ratification

Project completion, protocol check, delivery


Settlement of debts is a necessity for the rehabilitation of a company, but in itself it does not guarantee its long-term development. Our goal at MDC Stiakakis is the sustainable and long-term success of our customers, so we can support your business in the next steps of development through well-founded strategies and proper planning.

Find here how your business can benefit from our services.

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