Investments for the sustainable development of the fishing areas of the Prefecture of Chania

Investments for the sustainable development of the fishing areas of the Prefecture of Chania

The following may be funded:

  • Actions to improve the safety of fishermen on board fishing vessels, such as the purchase and, where appropriate, the installation of lifeboats, individual tracking radios, individual floating devices, flares, fire extinguishers, radiocommunication equipment, searchlights, etc.
  • Actions to improve the health of fishermen on board fishing vessels, such as the purchase and installation of first aid kits, the purchase of medicines and emergency equipment on board, the provision of telemedicine services, including electronic technologies, equipment and medical imaging for remote advice from boats etc.
  • Actions to improve the hygiene of fishermen on board fishing vessels, such as the purchase and, where appropriate, the installation of the following items: sanitary facilities, such as toilets and washing facilities, kitchens and food storage equipment, water purifiers for supply drinking water etc.
  • Actions to improve working conditions on board fishing vessels, such as the purchase and, where appropriate, installation of the following components: deck railings, deck hangars and modernization of passenger compartments to provide protection from adverse weather conditions; equipment for the reduction of hard manual lifting, insulation equipment against noise, heating or cooling and equipment for the improvement of ventilation, work clothes and protective equipment, etc.
  • Actions to improve the hydrodynamics of the boat hull, such as investments in stability mechanisms (water collector weights and bulbous bows) that help improve the boat's behavior in ripples, rudder control systems, etc.
  • Actions to improve the vessel propulsion system such as the purchase and, where appropriate, installation of the following components: energy efficient propellers and generators, propulsion components with renewable energy sources (eg sail, eagles, windmills, wind turbines or photovoltaics), bow systems propulsion etc.
  • Investments in fishing gear and equipment related only to the change from sliding gears to alternative gears, modifications of sliding gears, sliding gear monitoring equipment.
  • Actions to reduce electricity or thermal energy consumption, in particular to improve cooling, freezing or insulation systems for vessels under 18 m and to encourage on-board heat recycling, including the recovery and reuse of heat in other ancillary work on board.
  • Energy efficiency controls and systems.
  • Studies to investigate the contribution of alternative propulsion systems and hull design to the energy efficiency of fishing vessels.
  • Processing of fishery and aquaculture products for the purpose of: a) the establishment of new processing plants, b) the mechanical and / or building expansion of existing processing plants, c) the modernization or relocation of existing processing plants.

Tourism, such as:

  • Overnight infrastructure (according to KYA 2986 / 25-11-2016 "Determination of the functional forms and categories of tourist accommodation and other tourist facilities that are part of programs under the Ministry of Rural Development and Food", as amended and in force).
  • Other tourism businesses with priority to those related to water tourism activities (diving tourism, diving parks, water sports, day cruises).

Crafts-Constructions, such as:

  • Crafts related to fishing activities (production of fishing nets / ropes / twine, construction of packing boxes / catch maintenance, etc.).

  • Manufacture of products related to maritime tourism or sports (manufacture of windsurfing, water skiing, etc.).

  • Shipbuilding and recreational and sport boats.

Trade - Wholesale and / or retail trade:

  • Packaging and catch maintenance products.
  • Products related to fisheries and fishing activity.
  • Products related to maritime tourism and sports and water transport.
  • Catering - Activities of catering services, such as traditional taverns and taverns, with priority to those whose operation is based on "fishery gastronomy".

Services such as:

  • Fishing and recreational boat service companies (eg maintenance and repair services, boat parking and guarding services, towing services).
  • Development of environmental services related to the sea and coastal areas (eg waste collection, recycling).
  • Water sports learning services, driving and handling boats.

Target Audience:

  • Fishermen or fishing vessel owners (natural or legal persons) professionally engaged in fishing on an active fishing vessel (with a valid fishing license)
  • Non-fishermen, natural and legal persons

Submission period:

From 13/9/2021 to 12/11/2021 (time 15:00)

Type of aid:

Grant / Subsidy

Application area

  • Region of Crete
  • MUNICIPALITY OF CHANIA: Municipal Community of Aroni, Municipal Community of Souda, Local Community of Aptera
  • MUNICIPALITY OF APOKORONOS: Local Community of Kalyves, Local Community of Georgioupolis, Local Community of Kalamitsi Amygdali
  • MUNICIPALITY OF KANTANOS SELINOS: Municipal Community of Paleochora, Local Community of Vothiana, Local Community of Vouta, Local Community of Sarakina, Local Community of Sklavopoula, Local Community of Sougia
  • MUNICIPALITY OF KISSAMOS: Municipal Community of Kissamos, Local Community of Gramvousi, Local Community of Kalathenon, Local Community of Kallergiana, Local Community of Koukounara, Local Community of Lousakion, Local Community of Platanos, Local Community of Kaloria, Local Community of Kaloria
  • MUNICIPALITY OF PLATANIA: Local Community of Kontomari, Local Community of Maleme, Local Community of Tavronitos, Local Community of Kolymvari, Local Community of Afraton,
  • MUNICIPALITY OF SFAKIA: Local Community of Chora Sfakion, Local Community of Anopoleos, Local Community of Asfendos
  • MUNICIPALITY OF RETHYMNO: Local Community of Gerani
  • MUNICIPALITY OF AGIOS VASILEIOS: Local Community of Sellia

What is funded

Eligible are the expenses which are proven to be related to the implemented Transaction, follow a sufficient control route for their payment and which are in accordance with the provisions of YAEKED (YPASYD 2014 - 2020) (137675 / ΕΥΘΥ1016 / 19-12-2018 (Government Gazette B ') 5968)) and in the specific institutional framework applicable to certain actions, as described in detail in the Invitation and its annexes.


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