Competitiveness 2021-2027: Pre-publication of the "Research-Innovate 2021-2027" program

Competitiveness 2021-2027: Pre-publication of the "Research-Innovate 2021-2027" program

The program aims to strengthen Research and Innovation, which is fully aligned with the country's strategy, in order to place innovation at the heart of a sustainable and resilient recovery from the pandemic, but also to accelerate the green and digital transition and ensuring the technological development of Greece.

The Action primarily aims to meet the needs of businesses and other entities active in the research and innovation ecosystem, covering the maximum possible range of potential beneficiaries.


300,000,000 euros

The Action is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and by national resources.


Enterprises and "Other entities treated as enterprises" and

Research organizations and "Other entities treated as research organizations".

To participate in the program, businesses must be legally incorporated and operate in Greece or another European Union Member State either as legal entities (e.g. SA, EPE, OE, EE, IKE, CoinSEp) or as sole proprietorships. Excluded are troubled businesses as well as businesses for which a decision to recover a grant from the EU is pending.


I. Research and Development by Enterprises

Intervention I is addressed to existing Businesses regardless of the date of establishment. Potential beneficiaries are either a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) or Business Groups in which at least one necessarily is an SME.

II. Business Partnerships with Research Organizations

Intervention II concerns partnerships of existing companies, regardless of size and date of establishment, with research organizations, with companies as the main recipients. In partnerships of two or three or four partners - bodies, one must necessarily be an SME. In partnerships of more than four partners - bodies, two must necessarily be businesses and at least one must be an SME.

III. Utilization of Research Results

Potential beneficiaries of Intervention III are existing individual small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

IV. Seal of Excellence for businesses

Potential beneficiaries are small and medium-sized Greek companies that received the Seal of Excellence for research and development projects. The more specific terms of participation will be included in the Detailed Invitation to the Action.

Submission of proposals & grants

The Action "Research – Innovate 2021-2027" is expected to be announced in the fourth quarter of 2022. In separate submission stages, priority will be given to companies to submit proposals (4th quarter 2022) and then to proposals of collaborative projects of research organizations with companies (1st quarter 2023) and in projects with a Seal of Excellence (2nd quarter 2023).

Indicative public expenditure per intervention:

  1. Intervention I 60,000,000 Q4 2022
  2. Intervention II 180,000,000 Q1 2023
  3. Intervention III 39,000,000 Q4 2022
  4. Intervention IV 21,000,000 Q2 2023

Total 300,000,000

Intermediate Body

Special Service for management and Implementation of Actions in the fields of Research, Technological Development and Innovation (EYDE ETAK).

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