Atali Hotels

Atali Hotels

Atali Hotels SA is one of the largest hotel and tourism companies in the Bali area of ​​Rethymnon.

The company's expansion plan required as a prerequisite a system of valid and timely financial Reporting. Seeing the need, Atali Hotels SA collaborated with MDC Stiakakis’ professionals who leaded a multi-step project towards the goal of improving the overall financial position and reporting of the company.

From the analysis made by the professionals of MDC Stiakakis, it was found that the goal could be achieved only with an organized flow of information among the departments (cross-functional), as there was intense fragmentation of activities, a common characteristic of companies with rapid growth.

During our collaboration, we proposed and implemented together:

  1. The merger of the group's operations into a single company.
  2. Creation of operating procedures for the accounting and the warehouse department.
  3. Training of company’s executives in the new procedures.
  4. Complete digital transformation, with information flow between the internal parts of the hotel.

After the implementation of the project the administration realized tangible results in the following areas:

  • Creation of economies of scale that further reduced total costs and time.
  • Substantial improvement of the financial image of the company after the merger.
  • Reduction of errors due to the existence of operating procedures.
  • Establishment of mechanisms for the correct and timely reporting of the management and third parties.

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